Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Sorry....

Ok so I am apologizing for the lack of updating on the blog. My friend Stacey reminded me this past weekend that I had not put anything up in a while. She was right. December was quite a while away. Well, in January my life got VERY busy. I started teaching a four year old preschool class at the church and thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept my office job as well so I was quite busy. January also brought mine and Ronnie's tenth wedding anniversary. We went to Vegas Baby! It was SO much fun. We took our good friends, the Skeen's, with us. We had our vows renewed by Elvis(Ronnie's idea) and went to the Hoover Dam. It was WELL worth the trip. Planning another one for next year! The kids finished their school year well. Kaitlyn will be going into the 5th grade this coming August and Price will be in 4 year old preschool. We went to the beach for Memorial Day, had Vacation Bible School in June and will be going back to the beach this month for over a week. I will get a picture slide up and do my best (Stacey) to update after the beach!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time!

Well, this weekend was very busy for us. It all started with the Annual Gardendale Christmas Parade Thursday night. Kaitlyn was in the parade on the Dream Chasers float. This is the drama group she is in here in the community. Then she sang for the annual Santa Breakfast. I will try to upload a video of them singing next. The group picture is in the slide show below. Sunday we all loaded up to go to the Calera Train Station to ride "The Polar Express" to the North Pole. It was SO much fun! Price LOVED it. You know how he is around Santa...remember last years' picture...ok so we weren't sure how he was going to react. However, the atmosphere must have been the trick because he all but ran down the aisle to Santa. We all got bells from Santa's sleigh...reference the book...and milk and cookies and the kids got commemorative ornaments. It was the best night we've had in a while. Enjoy the pictures and see you all soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Sorry!

So I was looking at my blog and realized that I had not posted anything since September. WOW!!! Where has all my time gone. I have had a few minutes this afternoon and will put some pictures up. Fall Festival, Pumpkin Carving, Auburn, etc. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My Auburn buddy here at work...Dianne...found this today. She was looking for the AU Marching Band CD and guess what was on the cover....


How cool is that?!?!?

Auburn - LSU

This past weekend was the Auburn-LSU game in Auburn. Our fireworks company got the contract to do fireworks for the opening of the game. It was GREAT. Since the game was at night we decided to try "the bus" one more time. "The bus" is our '86 Motorhome that Ronnie's grandfather(PaPaw) graciously gave us for Christmas. It has had a few problems but in the end has been ok.

So, Friday afternoon I checked Kaitlyn out of school early to go to Auburn and get our tailgating spot. DaddaRick brought the bus. We got a great parking place behind the CDV Extension. (I am a little partial to this place...This is where I lived the 4 years I was in Auburn.) It is close enough to the stadium yet not that close to the "party" area of Wire Rd. Friday night we got the bus all set up. It was flawless. The kids ate supper at the table. I took their picture. PaPaw would be proud! The Good Year blimp was making it's rounds Friday and it went directly over us. Price loved it. Saturday was "game day"! We got up, MiMi cooked us pancakes, and Tim and Tommy got there with the fireworks. Not too much later, our friends from Gardendale got there. We had lunch and Samantha and I went to the stadium to "help" the guys with the fireworks...Actually we just hung out on the field and saw Tommy Tuberville. While we were at the stadium Pat Keedy and Gerald Arrington decided they would teach Price how to "Kick Off". Pat taught him to put his hand up, wait for the whistle, and then run and kick the ball. They showed us this trick after the game.

Since we didn't have tickets for the kids, MiMi stayed out with them during the game. We couldn't get our satallite working so I decided to go back out and hang with them. We went over and watched the game with LSU people. I know what you are going to say...but they were nice people. They actually are "famous" in LSU circles. They are the "Pimpin' Ain't Easy Tailgating" crew. They have a website( and said to be checking back and we should be on there. They were a hoot. The more LSU was loosing (in the first half) the more they were drinking. They were really cool though. No cussing or anything in front of the kids.

Sunday, we made our way back to Gardendale. We rested and got ready for the week.

Enjoy the pictures and check back later for updates.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Since I last posted...

We have been busy at the Hardy house. September has been filled with us getting back in the routine of something to do every night.

On the 3rd, we had a family night at the church and it was my mom's birthday. It was a fun night at our property where the new church is being built. The kids had games and rides to play, there was a Deacon/Staff softball game and a prayer walk over the new space for our sanctuary. I did not go up there that night. I stayed back with Price. My office went up that afternoon and prayed over the area. It was a neat experience. Lots of change coming but I believe it will be good changes. While we were playing on the field there was an inflatable there that had basketball on one side, baseball on another and so on...well, Price of course went straight to that and never left. He was hitting the ball off this air blown tee and hitting it every time. Every one was impressed. Even the guy who owns the inflatable said he had never seen anybody hit every ball...and he had seen lots of people try. Kaitlyn tried her hand at rock wall climbing. I don't think she ever made it higher than about 10 feet but she tried. She also rode the "Race Car Train". This is a train so to speak that is made up of replica race cars and it FLIES. They play loud music and everything.

That Friday night we did fireworks for the Gardendale Football Game. It was great. We gave them a show for the first Home Opener and did it in memory of Katie Burkett. Her parents are good friends of ours. Katie passed away July 20th in a terrible car accident.

Saturday was of course Auburn Football. It was an ok game. Not the best but it was a win. We then went to Ronnie's Grandparents' house in Hueytown. His dad was in town. It was good to see him and Deb. They live in Little Rock and we only get a few times a year to visit.

This past week was the norm...Gymnastics, dance, children's choir, church, etc. Children's choir started this week. Kaitlyn loves choir. She is in the choir at school and at church. Mother and I are teaching a preschool choir class this year. It should be fun. We are teaching Price's class. This week was our first time and boy was it fun. We only had 6 three year olds. I expect more next week. Mother did the lesson and I did the crafts and took them outside. I have more patience for that than mother. She also (conveniently) had a conference call she had to leave early for.

Thursday and Friday I was able to keep my nephews. It was so much fun. Wednesday Michelle and I took Parker to Dr. Amason's. He had been running a fever for a few days so we wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. Thursday I took half a day off and kept him home from daycare. Mother kept him the morning and we tag teamed and I had him for the afternoon. Friday I kept both of them and Price. It was a good day. Even though they were puny, I felt at home with the children. I miss being with other kids day in and day out.

Saturday was Auburn Football again. Not the greatest game again. We played Miss. State and it was very stinky. It was a win and that is about all I can say about it. We went to our friends' house for a tailgate party. Jonathan and Rachel invited us and others up to their house and we had a blast. The kids went. They drew on the sidewalk with chalk, played corn hole, and watched Disney channel. Jonathan tried to teach Price the art of grilling. He wasn't too sure of the charcoal so Jonathan showed him how he could draw on himself and the sidewalk. Price got leveled by their dog, Tiny. The name does not describe the size of this dog. It is a Great Dane and is HUGE. The dog's body is taller than Price. Took him out twice. He was fine though. Scared him the first time but he was better the second. We really had a good time being with other people. Hopefully we can hang out with them more.

I know this post is long...Hopefully I will not let it go this long again without updating. Enjoy the pictures on the slide show (you will prolly need to turn your head on a few. I couldn't get them to uplaod correctly.) and talk to you soon!